Mixer Amplifier

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Functional Description:
These table-top mixer amplifiers are designed as convenient solution for small to medium PA 
installations with USB/SD player and FM tuner in a compact housing.
Inputs for microphone,line input,USB/SD player are governed by front panel volume controls.
The digital screen displays the working status of playing programmes,which can be controlled 
by the front panel buttons or the remote control.
And features two MIC inputs and one line input with 60/120 watts of amplifier power are available
with either 70/100-volt or 4 to 16 ohms(Ω) output loads.
Also included a line level output for adding additional power amplifiers.
And features complete protection is provided for output short circuit,overload,high temperature,
peak current limiters.
1) Compact metal housing with front panel of aluminium alloy.
2) SMT circuit boards with highly stable performance.
3) Powerful TOSHIBA amplifier tubes.
4) Pure copper transformers for power supply and 70V/100V audio outputs.
5) 2 microphone inputs and 1 line input.
6) Built-in players of USB/SD,and FM tuner.
7) High-definition display for the working status of playing programmes.
8) 70/100-volt and 4 to 16 ohms(Ω) output loads.
9) Individual volume controller for inputs.
10) BASS and TREBLE tone controllers.
11) Individual LED indicator for POWER/SIGNAL/PROTECTION.





Rated Power



output method

4-16 ohms constant resistance output 70V (51 ohms) 100V (167 ohms) constant pressure output

Microphone input

MIC1 / MIC2: 600 ohms (Ω) 5-10 mv, unbalanced

Line input

LINE: 10k ohms (Ω) 150-470 mv, unbalanced

Auxiliary output

0.775V (0 dB)

Frequency response

60 Hz ~ 15k Hz (± 3 dB)

Nonlinear distortion THD


Signal to noise ratio S / N

Line:85 dB , MIC:>72 dB

Tone adjustment range

BASS:100 Hz (± 10 dB) , TREBLE:12k Hz (± 10 dB)

Output adjustment rate

<3 dB, from no signal static working state to full load working state

cooling method

DC 12V FAN forced air cooling method


AC FUSE × 1A load short circuit, DC protection, high temperature protection

power cable


power supply

AC 220V ± 10% 50-60Hz

Power consumption



Machine size

72(H)×305(W)×275(D) mm

net weight



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