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Bộ trung tâm ma trận

Functional Description: The 16x16 Digital Audio Matrix offers an easy operation of collecting different music programme  from different audio sources,and can play a same audio to all the speake..

Bộ Trung tâm âm thanh 16 vùng

Functional Description: The 16-Zone Paging Selector is able to select up to 16 paging zones,it has a direct microphone input,  two remote microphone inputs, two line inputs, internal  chim..

Bộ Trung tâm âm thanh 10 vùng

Functional Description: ※ high-grade aluminum 2U black sandblasting panel, nice; ※ has 10 zoning alarm function; ※ 1 microphone input, 4 remote control microphone input, 1 line, 1 emergency input; ..

Bộ tiền khuếch đại

Functional Description: The PA Pre Amplifier supports power amplifiers to work,features muting function, that MIC1 overrides MIC2,MIC3,AUX1,AUX2 with 0~30dB dB attenuation. ※ 2U aluminium panel. ※..

Bộ phát tín hiệu khẩn cấp

Alarm Interface Specifications & Features: The Alarm Interface RH2815E is used in a public address system to produce an alarm sound either by an emergency signal through connection to a fire a..

Bộ kiểm soát tín hiệu ngõ ra loa

Functional Description: ※ 10 zone inputs. ※ Built-in speaker 5W/8 Ohm. ※ Connecting to the amplifiers to monitor if they are working well. ※ Monitors up to 10 speaker zones by using the built-in s..

Bộ kết nối điện thoại

Functional Description: The Telephone Interface can automatically  answer  an incoming phone call  and broadcast the caller’s voice  over  the  PA  system&nb..

Bộ chuyển đổi Amply tự động

Functional Description: The M/S amplifier switch monitors up to five main power amplifiers which will  be switched automatically to the spare amplifier should any one fail,with five  inde..

Bộ chống sét

Functional Description: The Lightning Arrestor protects PA system with outdoor speakers from potential damage caused by thunder storms and lightning.   Four independent channels provide p..

Bộ chọn 16 vùng loa

Functional Description: ※ Supports 16 zones for monitor with built-in speaker 5W/8Ω. ※ Supports alarm broadcasting. ※ Each zone has LED indicator. ※ 25-pin computer activation bus. Speci..

Bộ chọn 10 vùng loa

Functional Description: The10-zone speaker selector system with independent on/off switches for  10 group of speakers,manual protection switch on the front panel for each zone. Custom button l..

Bộ cấp nguồn 24VDC

Functional Description: The 24VDC Switch Power Supply is a 16 channels switching power supply for  use in a public address system to forcefully insert  24VDC over the system  to prov..

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