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  • Dòng sản phẩm: RH2816S
  • Số lượng sản phẩm trong kho: Vẫn còn hàng

Xu hướng tìm kiếm: Ma trận âm thanh

Functional Description:
The 16x16 Digital Audio Matrix offers an easy operation of collecting different music programme 
from different audio sources,and can play a same audio to all the speaker zones,also can play 
diferent audio to different speaker zone.
※ 16X16 Digital Audio Matrix  (3U panel).
※ With LCD sreem in English menu.
※ With volume control for each zone.
※ This control unit integrates 16 source inputs, 16 amplifier outputs and a priority bus  interface.
it can mute background music whenever it has received priority input signals for zone paging and emergency alarms. 
※ 16 inputs and 16 outputs. 
※ LCD display and for convenient operation program schedules. 
※ Prority bus for zone paging and emergency alarms.
※ Several paging modes (all zone,group zones,and individual zone) could be achieved 
through this paging console. 




Line Input

16 channels:EMC2 for emergency alarm

Paging Mic. Input

RMIC1~RMIC5:10k ohms(Ω) 10V ,balanced

Line Output

16 channels:(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 available)

EMC1 Input

10k ohms(Ω) 330mV ,unbalanced

Line Input

10k ohms(Ω) 330mV ,unbalanced

Line Output

10k ohms(Ω) 0.775V (0 dB) ,unbalanced

Mute functions

RMIC1 overrides Input B, RMIC2 overrides Input C;RMIC3 overrides input D;RMIC4 overrides input E;RMIC5 overrides input F; EMC1 overrides EMC2.

Fre. Resp.

60 Hz ~ 16k Hz (± 3 dB)

Alarm Activation Input

(0V)Shortcut signal ALARM IN:CH1~CH16

Alarm Activation Output

(0V)Shortcut signal ALARM OUT:CH1~CH16




AC FUSE×0.5A×1

Power Cable

(3×0.5 mm2)×1.5M (standard)

Power Supply

AC 220V ± 10% 50-60Hz

Power Consumption




Net. Weight


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